la michaudiere
La Michaudiere, Juvigny Sous Andaine
Horse riding in Juvigny Sous Andaine
Horse riding in Juvigny Sous Andaine
Riding School Juvigny Sous Andaine

For horse lovers Normandy is the place to visit.


La Foucaudiere

You can go for a morning, afternoon or all day leisurely ride in our beautiful local forest.



Take lessons.

La Michaudiere

Visit this famous local horse show  where 30 horses give a show for an hour and a half 4 times a week.

Go for lunch before the show in their restaurant and watch the afternoon show with the famous heavy horses from Cobs to Perchons, Bretons Comtois and Normans horses.

La Tour Riding School

The Equestrian Centre at Juvigny sous Andaine is located in the Normandy countryside, at the foot of the Andaines forest and the Bonvouloir tower.

Take lessons at our local stables, from beginners upwards.


Centre équestre de la Tour
La Basse Cour

Tel: 06 36 99 70 69

Haras du Pin

Visit the nearby world famous ‘Haras du Pin‘ for a day to see the show, visit their stables, go for a carriage ride. 

There is so much to experience with the many horse facilities in the area. 

ranch de la fouchadiere
La Foucaudiere, Domfront